Empowering patients to better manage the social and behavioral factors that influence their health

Our researchers are committed to 理解ing the optimal role of the health care system in addressing the social, 经济, 以及病人的行为需求, and partnering with the community to create much needed change.


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KPWHRI researchers are exploring how to improve prevention 和治疗 of health issues due to 酒精 and other drug use. The addictions research group conducts innovative research to help patients and their providers prevent and treat problems caused by tobacco, 酒精, 大麻, 阿片类药物, 和其他药品.

老化 & 老年病学

Nearly all KPWHRI research contributes to helping seniors lead healthier lives, including studies that have followed 2022世界杯下注网站 members over decades. Learn how our findings have changed how people think about physical activity, 大脑健康, 以及变老意味着什么.


行为对每个人的幸福都起着重要的作用. Find out how KPWHRI research is making it easier to develop lifelong habits that can keep you and your family healthy.


High-quality health care research depends on high-quality biostatistics. 了解KPWHRI生物统计部门的发展情况, 提高了, and applies rigorous statistical methods to enhance research at 2022世界杯下注网站 and nationwide.


KPWHRI researchers are improving the quality of cancer prevention, 筛选, 诊断, 和治疗. By studying populations within 2022世界杯下注网站 and large national research networks, they are helping to improve health outcomes for millions. 了解更多.


KPWHRI studies how genetics, medications, and everyday choices affect heart health. See how our discoveries in prevention 和治疗 can improve the health of patients today and for years to come. 

孩子 & 青少年健康

从出生前到青春期后期, health experiences can affect the quality of a person's entire life. Explore how KPWHRI research is getting kids off to a great start through healthy lifestyles, 管理慢性健康问题, 和更多的.


Meeting the complex needs of patients with chronic illness or impairment is the single greatest challenge facing organized medical practice. KPWHRI在发展方面处于领先地位, 实现, and promoting better models of care for chronic illness. 了解更多.

互补 & 综合健康

See how KPWHRI leads the nation in research on complementary and integrative treatments for back pain 和更多的. We use rigorous scientific methods to evaluate the effectiveness—and cost-effectiveness—of such therapies delivered in real-world practice.


KPWHRI focuses on developing health information technology to transform health care delivery. Learn how our work is engaging patients and providers together, both inside and outside traditional health care settings.

卫生服务 & 经济学

As American health care undergoes unprecedented changes, KPWHRI research focuses on finding out what works—and what doesn't—to improve health outcomes, 病人的经验, 和负担能力. See how we're influencing health care delivery, coverage, policy, 和更多的.


Staying healthy requires more than access to a great care team. People need walkable streets, wholesome food, and other healthy conditions. Read about researchers from our 社区健康与评估中心 who are making neighborhoods vital and strong.

药物的使用 & 患者安全

美国人使用的处方药比以往任何时候都多. KPWHRI researchers are studying the harms and benefits,帮助 to reduce side effects, hazardous drug interactions, and costs. These issues are especially important for those with multiple conditions and medications. 了解更多.


Traditional mental health therapy reaches only a fraction of the millions who need treatment. KPWHRI的世界杯下注网站人员发现了实用性, patient-centered ways to reach people affected by conditions such as depression, 双相情感障碍, 和焦虑.


KPWHRI research focuses on three ways to halt America’s obesity epidemic. See how we're helping to change obesity-promoting environments, bring evidence-based prevention 和治疗 programs into health care systems, and help people develop lifelong healthy diet and activity habits.


Great preventive care means promoting healthy behaviors, building sound prevention services into everyday clinical care, 设计聪明的医疗福利. KPWHRI的世界杯下注网站人员可以访问来自大型, 长期稳定的种群数量, allowing them to discover which approaches to prevention work best. 了解更多.


KPWHRI researchers are committed to 理解ing how to best identify, 理解, and appropriately respond to factors known as social determinants of health to improve the health of our members and our communities.

疫苗 & 传染病

KPWHRI research guards communities by continually improving the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Learn how our immunization studies help protect children, 成年人, 还有患危险传染病的老年人, 包括新型冠状病毒肺炎.